Company Profile

Future Proof Apartments works across a variety of scales and sectors including private residential, multi-unit housing, mixed-use schemes, commercial fit-out, store design, and landscape interventions. We build houses that fit into any natural environment. Our starting point is to create a natural bond between residents and nature. Our houses are self-sufficient in terms of energy supply. This makes them future-proof for people who consider sustainability to be of paramount importance.

Our inspiration:

Futureproof Housing is looking for the future in living. A sustainable future for the world’s  inhabitants. We should look at the finesse of our historic buildings and their natural setting and merge with the latest green techniques to provide superb living comfort for everyone. As long as nature is really part of our housing environment, we will find the tranquillity we need.

Futureproof Housing and their associates will never stop to seek the best solutions in natural living for everyone.

Some useful links:

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